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Monday, May 14, 2012

Lead Away!

For my Senior Project, I have planned to make Helm's Deep. For those of you who don't know what this project is, it is some project that shows you've learned skills and how it can help others. It's a requirement for Seniors to graduate High School. How does making Helm's Deep help others? I'm tying it in to the literature of the books to get kids to read them. ;)

Enough with the rambling, so here are the first mini's to go towards the project: The leaders of the forces.


Here's the back in a different lighting. The sun is never consistent. One minute its bright. The next there's a shadow. :|

I still need to paint the eyes and touch up on his staff. Not so sure about the horse. Does it look ok? I didn't like the black horse GW shows so chose this color.

Image Image
There's one part on his shoulder armour that got hit by some grey so need to touch that up too.

Hope to get some more updates soon!

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